New progress Blog!

Throughout art school have heard "process process process".  Art IS process heavy, and when you are working on many projects it takes a long time to actually create finished artifacts. Despite having few final products in 2016 I was constantly creating and developing new projects. So I decided to create a venue beyond facebook and Instagram where you can see these projects unfold! These are by no mean "portfolio pieces" but will provide insight to my process and concepts that I am currently working on. Hope you enjoy =) 

I have been creating these collages most recently as far as my "fine art" work goes. I started using the scraps from my students and then I couldn't stop! I don't know what the next phase of these are: are these for painting or drawings? Can I make some kind of digital art with them? Should I animated my next collages pieces and created moving collages? We will see. 

As far as digital art goes I have been working on turnarounds for my Atlantis characters and some logo design. Adobe has a new program for character animation and I plan to play with that as well. At some point, progress MUST be made on Atlantis: Rebirth (comic) and Pugs Against the Universe (animation?). I also started a creature creation as a demo for one of my students. I highly doubt it will ever get to a finished point. 

Thats it for today. See you next time! =)