Hoard is animation for NC State's Art2Wear Spring 2012. Art2Wear is a student fashion show featuring avant guarde garments created by College of Design a and College of Textiles students. The theme for the A2Wear 2012 was hypernatural. Hoard was inspired by the theme and shows a spark of light escaping a hostile environment. process images can be seen below



Morning Star


“Morning Star” is an animation done in Maya using simple polygons. Morning star is about a shining star sacrifices everything for love only to be destroyed by the dawn. The project was created in Autodesk Maya. Process images are below.



The story of a rooster who neglects his responsibilities in his pursuit of material objects. The animation is loosely based off the Aesop Fable “The Rooster and the Gem” Roost was created in Adobe After Effects using scanned handmade papers for textures and patterns. Process images are below.